Welcome to the iDGi-1 V2 Command Line Interface!

iDGi-1 makes use of 21 negative energy packets in orbit (collectively forming what we call The Rift) to retrieve all manner of information from parallel universes. We have been exploiting one such universe in particular, and the software accessible through this interface represents the continuation of our forays into that world. For an introduction to the other world, click here to download Discoveries, an in-depth recap of our earliest interactions through The Rift. You can also play the Consortium Stream for an additional perspective.

In order to create the enhanced visual fidelity, depth of control, and systems access present in the upcoming Consortium: The Tower, a new firmware suite for iDGi-1 is having to be written from the ground up. The API this firmware provides is significantly different than that of the previous iteration and so new interface software is having to be written as well. In order to facilitate new efforts of exploration as soon as possible, we're making an early command line interface for this new system available to the public in limited capacity. This system is being actively worked on and new functionality will be added on a rolling schedule. Rest assured that the satellite will continue to provide a legacy API through which the V1 dialer (accessible from this site's landing page after playing through the Experience side of interdimensionalgames.com) and the Consortium Stream can still be accessed.

UPDATE: The new API for the satellite's dialing functionality has been completed and is now accessible via the `dial` command. Any viable coordinate sets discovered will be catalogued and assigned a unique ID so that they can be dialed via this interface. Run `man dial` for more information.

At this time, the following additional programs are available: archiver, status
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