iDGi-1 System Access Terminal

This web portal allows public access to the iDGi-1 satellite’s dialer and internal systems. iDGi-1 makes use of 21 negative energy packets in orbit (collectively forming what we call The Rift) to retrieve all manner of information from parallel universes. Currently, due to a complete software overhaul, there are two different methods of accessing the iDGi-1 satellite:

V1 :: Dialer – This is the original dialing software used to connect to a given world or data stream, provided its coordinates. The systems used by this software have been deprecated and are maintained only for historical and entertainment reasons. It can be used to connect to and re-experience the world of young Henry (the future Consortium King) as we originally knew him. This interface is only available to you if you have already gone through and completed the “Experience” side of (which contains an archived version of our very first connection), and have subsequently been instructed to come here: your personal access password (“unique word”) is required to gain access.

V2 :: Console – Open and free to anyone, this is what we call the iDGi-1 V2 Command Line Interface. It represents the current state of the new software being written to power future connections through iDGi-1. In order to facilitate new efforts of exploration as soon as possible, this program allows for direct, unfiltered access to the base command structure of the iDGi-1 satellite, as the system is not yet complete enough to build a graphical interface for. While currently limited in functionality, this system’s capabilities will continue to grow as we work tirelessly on bringing the next generation of iDGi-1 to life. The system will receive regular updates on a rolling schedule as we deem new functionality ready for public consumption.